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* Bill Rotberg * Producer * Audio * Camera * Editor
About Bill:

Working in the Audio & Video Production field since 1985

I am a freelance audio technician, camera operator
("shooter"), editor, and technical coordinator.
I have
extensive experience in many forms of media.

Why hire me for the job? I have been in the audio-
video industry for over 24 years and I’m only 43. So,
why should you hire me for the job? I have
experience, but NOT “cocky” experience (I think you
know what I mean). Also, I like interacting with
people. Overall, I care and like people. As a matter
of fact, I personally do everything I can to make
their show a success.

I am a relatively calm, but energetic person (which
is essential in A/V). In other words, I don’t panic (O.
K. I might get a little worried or concerned). I know
that we’ll get it working, we many have to re-patch,
use something else, or figure out another way
(solution). I will get done.

Having experience is good.
But it means nothing if
you’re outdated
. I am constantly updating my skills.
I find ways to keep current. I search the web, go to
seminars, classes and learn from people. I’m not
afraid to ask someone how they do something.
Usually, they’ll show me and I’ll learn. I don’t care if
it’s an experienced 50 year old or a 20 year old. If
they have a way of doing something, or a particular
skill, they have my respect. In return, I’ll pass on my
experiences to them (if they want it). Because of
this, I’ve noticed that younger techs don’t “mind”
working with me, as well as, younger directors.
Overall, people are comfortable with me.

I take care of you and the client. My main concern is
to get the job done in a way that makes you and the
client comfortably happy. Overall, in the end, both
you and your client know they were taken care of.

Bottom line, I love what I do.

Video editing: (Non-linear editing)
· Media 100 HD
· Final Cut Pro (uncompressed;
Blackmagic Multibridge Eclipse ; SDI; HD)

Video editing: (Linear editing)
· Cuts only
· A-B-C roll
· Digi Beta, BetaCamSP, DVCAM,
·DVCPro50, and others
· Sony BVE2000 Edit Controller
· Sony BFS700 Video Switcher        
(Familiar with most Sony switchers & Editors)

Video & Audio compression:        
· Familiar with may professional video & audio
codecs for Media 100, Final Cut Pro & AVID & DVD.
· Also familiar with various compression rates for
PowerPoint, CD & internet use.
(Windows Media & QuickTime & Flash Video)
I use compression tools such as: Cleaner,
Sorenson Media, Compressor & Telestream
Episode Pro.

Work with Photoshop, Boris FX, After Effects and
Motion for video applications.

Camera Operator:        
Set-up and operate cameras for both ENG and
Studio configurations:
· Sony DSR-570 DVCAM camcorder
· Sony DSR-370 DVCAM camcorder
· Sony DXCD35/PVV3 (BetaCam SP)
· Sony DXCD35/DSR1 (DVCAM)
· Panasonic SDX900 (DVC Pro50 – standard & 24p
· Sony HDVRZ1 HD Camcorder (High Definition,
DVCAM & mini-DV)
· Sony DSRPD170 (DVCAM & mini-DV)
· Sony DSRPD150 (DVCAM & mini-DV)
· Panasonic DVX100a (mini-DV & standard 24p
· Canon XL-1s (mini-DV)
· Canon XL-2 (mini-DV)
· Panasonic AG-HVX200

Can also Set-up and operate Electronic Field
Production sets
and studio configurations
, as well as, operate
“live” switchers.

Production Manager:        
· I am familiar with managing and organizing:
Studio & on-location multiple camera shoots
Crew hiring
EFP (“Fly-Packs”)
Designing various production & post-production

Audio Engineering:        
Worked in both studio & live mixing environments.
· Studio recording & mixing
· Yamaha M7CL School Training - 2009
· Yamaha PM5D School Training - 2009
· ADAT digital multi-track tape machines
· Multi Track analog multi-track tape machines
· AVID Pro-Tools TDM systems
· mixing consoles such as Trident, Neve, Mackie
and many others
· Various multi-effects and dynamic processors.
· Live P.A. set-up & mixing
· Live sound reinforcement for music, live shows
and corporate staging.
· Used audio boards such as Midas and Mackie,
as well as, many others.
· Operate EQ and dynamic processors to tune the

Organized, designed, set-up & operated various
staging events.
· Set-up & operate projectors
· Set-up & operate Folsom ScreenPro &
· Set-up & operate Panasonic AG-MX70,
AG-MX50, AG-MX30 & Grass Valley Switchers
· Set-up, or “fly” DA-LITE Fast Fold Screens
· Set-up or “fly” large plasma screens.
· Set-up, provide video, audio feeds and monitors
for overflow, green rooms or lobby viewing needs.
· Coordinate staffing and equipment needs
· Coordinate various lighting equipment needs
· Coordinate audio equipment needs
· Set-up and operate wireless microphone
systems for talent
· Set-up and operate wireless talkback systems for
crew and staff
· Provide wireless communications for event site

Power Point Presentations:
I can take their presentation to the “next-level”
because of my video, graphics and audio
· Design and operate Power Point presentations
for clients.

Computer operating Systems:        
· I am familiar with both the Macintosh and PC
operating systems.

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